Boston Postcards Rough Draft

I’m working on a collection of Boston postcards from photographs that I’ve taken from around town. The inspiration comes from the instagram free-for-alls that I did a few months ago. (see those here and here and the precursor instagram hacks here and here)

Here are a few of them, still in progress:

Copley Square Boston Postcard - 9000things Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden Postcard - 9000things Charles River and Boston City Skyline Postcard - 9000things

Let me know what you think :)

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6 Responses to Boston Postcards Rough Draft

  1. iameowmeowa says:

    Hi, I really like the first one and the third. I love that there are ∆ architecture or something ∆ from the Boston pictures. Like the colors you choose. The second one seems a bit different from others maybe the size of ∆ is a lot bigger.
    Cute postcards!

    • AliNichole says:

      Yeah, I think I agree that the architecture ones are the most successful because, as you pointed out, the triangles repeat in the photo. Thanks for the note! :)

  2. Lucy Goretti says:

    I just love your postcards like how the triangles dance around the page in such pretty colours. Great work :)

  3. Ming Ng says:

    I was just wondering what apps you used to create this look with the triangles. I really would like to learn to to create really cool edits like these! Thanks!

    • AliNichole says:

      Hi Ming, I just used Adobe Illustrator for the triangle patterns on these postcards, though I also used photoshop to alter the colors of the photos slightly. Illustrator is the best! :)

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