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Hi! I’m Ali.AliNichole - 9000things

I’m an artist, designer, inventor, maker and awesome outfit putter togetherer. I always have about 9000 things going on in my head and in various states of finishedness. Sometimes I have halfway decent ideas. And lucky you, you’ve stumbled upon this; my bad-ass, super informative, sometimes snarky, life changing blog!

But don’t take my word for it:


“Every morning, after a brisk sunrise jog and a helicopter ride over Africa making it rain benjamins on the starving children, I make a cup of fine herbal tea and sit down and read the 9000things blog.” -Brad Pitt

“This… is the greatest… country… in the history of the planet. And… what the American people need… to be happy and prosperous… is… more blog posts on 9000things.” -President Barack Obama

“I’m just a Swiss patent clerk, but if you were to ask me to name the smartest person to ever live, I’d have to say: the girl who writes the 9000things blog.” -A swiss patent clerk

“I like it, but I want to hear more about your boyfriend.” -My boyfriend

Just an art kid

I grew up in rural Massachusetts (with a few early years in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies), and went to college at a small art school in Boston┬ácalled NESAD. I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, concentrating in sculpture and video art. I’ve also lived in Cork, Ireland and Florence, Italy during study abroad stints, and more recently, the bay area in California. Currently, I’m a Mass resident.

Art school taught me that I can make anything I see as long as I understand the materials. It also taught me how to stay alive and make money despite the fact that admittedly, my emotional constitution disagrees with anything resembling a corporate job. Woooo freelance!

My best job, by far, was managing the markets at SoWa Sundays for 2 years. Working at a craft market and meeting hundreds of handmade vendors solidified my desire to be a small business owner. So, now I’m a sole proprietor, slowly working my way towards being a self-made millionaire.

What now.

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