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9000things DIY Decoupage Bottle Tutorial

This DIY upcycle project is a perfect way to use up those empty glass bottles you’ve got around the house! (Because, let’s face it: wine.)


1 DIY Decoupage Bottle Kit from 9000 things includes the following materials:

1 recycled bottle (de-labeled and ready to go!)
1 brush
1 jar of decoupage glue/varnish
1 sheet of French decoupage paper
*We get our paper from a fancy French company that specializes in this stuff. These papers are thin, flexible and incredibly strong, they are deep dyed and glazed so they won’t run, break apart or tear while you are working with them, and they don’t fade.

DIY Decoupage Bottle Kit - 9000things


1. Paper prep: Start by tearing a strip of paper off the large sheet, make a few strips. (If you like the pattern of the paper this will allow you to keep some of the design on the bottle). Laying the strips next to each other in order. From one strip tear into smaller pieces.

DIY Decoupage Tutorial - 9000things DIY Upcycle Project - 9000things DIY Upcycled Bottle Kit - 9000things

2. Now that you have a collection of torn pieces of paper, it’s time to glue!
Working quickly, brush on a thin layer of glue onto a section of the bottle . Glue should be evenly spread and just enough to see a little white color, you do not want to have any pools or drips of glue. Too much glue will cause creases and bubbling.

DIY Upcycled Home Decor - 9000things DIY Project For Empty Wine Bottles - 9000things

3. Use the same paint brush to pick up a piece of torn paper – to save you getting any glue on your hands. You can tear up all your paper beforehand, or use scissors if preferred!

4. Place the paper onto glue section of glass, and smooth out the creases by applying another layer of glue over the top and gently pushing. Sometimes I use my finger to smooth a stubborn piece into place.

PRO TIP! If you have trouble with creases or bubbles, don’t paint over the paper until the glue on the back has dried. This will minimize bubbling and wrinkling.

DIY Wine Bottle Upcycle Project - 9000things DIY Tutorial Decoupage Bottle - 9000things DIY Recycled Wine Bottle Tutorial - 9000things

5. Continue adding your paper cut-outs until the bottle is completely covered. Overlapping pieces slightly. Fill in any small gaps with scraps.

6. Then leave it to dry for 1-2 hours. You can apply a second thin layer of glue on top to add a protective coat, the glue dries clear.

TA-DA! Your finished bottle is ready! Will it be proudly displayed on your mantle, hold freshly cut wildflowers on a window sill or will you wrap it up with a pretty bow for a lovely handmade gift?


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Party Ideas: This Is Your Life Name Tags

Last weekend we threw a huge surprise party for my mother, who turned a large round number. (Guess who was in charge of decorations?) Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the awesome things that we came up with for decor and DIYs!

The variety of people who RSVP’d to this party made me think of that old game show “This Is Your Life.” So, one of the things that we had the guests do was to fill out name tags, not with their names, but with their relationship to my mother. The results were hilarious and much more informative than “Hi My Name Is Dave.”

Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - 2nd Favorite - 9000things“2nd Favorite Daughter” (written by the 1st favorite daughter)

I met my mother’s first boss from when she was 15 working at the rec center in her town. I met one of her basketball team mates from high school, and the person who brought her to her first XXX rated movie (I’m told that the rating system was stricter back then).

Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - Our House - 9000things Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - Inspiration - 9000things
“Sherry lives in our house” and “Inspiration for Ali & Leah [her daughters]

I definitely recommend it as a conversation starter if you want people to mingle!

Top to bottom, left to right: “Biggest Fan” … “Racquetball Buddy” and “Work Husband!” … two “Turkey Buddies” … “2nd Favorite Babysitter” and “Favorite Babysitter” … “Grumpy Old Friend” … “Not Quite Oldest Friend” and “One of the Boys Next Door” … “Favorite Pseudo Son-in-law” … “Old Friend” and “Neighbor” … “Sistah from the Same Mistah”

The party people had a lot of fun with it! And kudos to my father who spent weeks and weeks on the phone getting in touch with people from my mom’s past!

Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - Spousal Unit - 9000things
“Sherry is my graphics guru” and “Spousal Unit”

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Happy Birthday, Blog!

Wooooowee! My blog turned 1 year old just three days ago!

To celebrate, I’m going to share a small sampling of birthday pictures that I’ve made for good friends throughout the years. Please contact me if you need a beautiful birthday image created for that special someone.

Photo of Catie on her birthday - by AliNichole Photo of Rachel on her birthday - by AliNichole Photo of Leah on her birthday - by AliNichole Photo of Maureen on her birthday - by AliNichole

lol sharktopus.

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Dia de los Muertos Costume DIY

Geez, it’s been an embarrassing amount of time since my last blog post. This fall was BUSY. Updates to come, but let’s get going with a last minute Day of the Dead costume!

It’s all about the flowers and the makeup. A little strapless dress with flashy tights is all you need for a base. But the accessories make the outfit.

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY tutorial - by 9000things

The wig is optional, but just an all-around good idea. The number of strangers who will take your photo is directly proportional to the height of your beehive. Fake eyelashes, on the other hand, are obligatory.

All that and the makeup aside… Here’s how I made the really simple accessories:

First, go buy a ton of fake flowers from the dollar store.

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

For this project you’ll want the flowers with plastic coated wire stems so you can bend them around the belt.

Supply list:
bendy stem fake flowers
belt with lots of holes (or punch the holes yourself!)
textured plastic headband (textured for hot glue to grab onto)
scissors (probably)
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks
wire cutters

dollar store skeletons and twine
cheap plastic skull rings

Separate the stems and clip them off close to the base.

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

Having way too much fun with fake flowers…

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

I totally scored when I found this slotted belt at Marshall’s for 10 bucks. I was planning on doing a whole lot of wire wrapping and hot gluing, but I recommend trying to find a belt with holes, or buying a thin leather belt and punching the holes yourself. So. Much. Easier.

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

This part is as simple as threading the stems through the slots and wrapping the wire around the belt a few times to hold it in place!

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

Keep wrapping more and more flowers! Where the stems are threaded close together, the flower belt will get thicker (do this towards the middle). To taper off the ends, leave more open holes between flower stems.

Optional: I found this hanging skeleton garland, cut them apart and loosely tied them over the flowers on my belt!

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

Next! A matching crown of flowers! I opted for asymmetry though it’s customary to go the whole way around with huge multi-colored blooms. The key here is the headband with some texture so the hot glue has something to grab onto. Otherwise you’ll find the flowers falling off everywhere…

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000thingsDia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

Use a generous amount of hot glue. Just pour it all on there.

And for a little bonus, I found these cheap plastic skull rings at the dollar store – 50 for a buck! – and with a little sharpie magic, made some Dia de los Muertos knuckle rings:

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

Ta da! Dia de los Muertos accessories for the best Halloween ever!

Dia de los Muertos Halloween Costume DIY - by 9000things

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Dinosaur Chasing Wedding Party

Sometimes I use my photoshop skillz to make something special for people I love.

Recently there has been a trend of (SPOILER ALERT) photoshopping a dinosaur into the background of wedding photos where the wedding party is running around screaming.

My dear friend recently got married. It was a dino themed wedding, she loves this trend and I was in the wedding party……….

how my photoshop really skillz look | 9000things



But seriously, we have fun :)

Dinosaur Chasing Wedding Party Photoshop | 9000things

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Best Cheese Platter Ever!

Well, after hibernating thoroughly for the last two months, I’m back at blogging :)

I ran across this pin from the Martha Stewart blog and thought: YES PLEASE NOW.

Here’s the delicious result, a perfect Sunday brunch!

best cheese platter ever - 9000 things

Ingredients, clockwise from top left:

Honey Chevre (goat cheese)
Sliced Granny Smith apple
Toasted french baguette
Mesquite Smoked almonds
Cubed Cheddar Jack cheese
Halved strawberries
Hot and crispy bacon
Sliced banana
Baked pita crackers

I want to see other people’s amazing cheese platters!

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Making An Ugly Christmas Sweater “Better”

The boyfriend and I are participating in an ugly sweater contest on Christmas Eve this year. There will be a prize, possibly a crowning ceremony, so we’re taking this dead seriously.

Make Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Better - 9000 things

Ugly Sweaters are a hojillion dollar industry, but we’re thrifty over here with our one-use-ever clothing items. Salvation Army had these beautiful pieces (on sale!), but they needed a little extra flare.

Ugly Sweater DIY before - 9000 things

Note that the sweater on the left is actually not a christmas sweater. We’ve got to figure out how to make that lame heart look a little jollier.

Here’s our suggested materials list:

Ugly sweater diy supplies - 9000 things

1. 25 feet of cheap gaudy garland for $1.99
2. buffalo snow or similar
3. moderately ugly thrift store sweaters
4. puff paint in white, red and green (mandatory)
5. glittery buttons and other random craft cast offs
6. sewing thread (plus a few needles)
7. googly eyes in various sizes
8. plastic beads I found in a drawer?
9. hot glue gun, loaded and ready

Not pictured:
an old red t-shirt
scissors like you used in elementary school (for effect)
your unbridled imagination

The idea here is to ATTACK with more confidence than you deserve to have. Everything you think of is pure gold and doesn’t need to be second-guessed. Trust me.

Big D has never sewn anything in his life. Is that going to stop him from sewing buttons onto his sweater? What do you think the answer is.

Ugly Sweater DIY - 9000 things

The following is a list of hints and tips. Everyone’s sweater is going to look different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave you with some inspiration.

If you don’t have glitter or something shiny on your sweater, you might as well give up.

Ugly Sweater DIY - 9000 things

Googly eyes are always better than no googly eyes.

Ugly Sweater DIY - 9000 things

Add puff paint. And when you’re done, add puff paint to the puff paint.

Ugly Sweater DIY - 9000 things

Thematic words always look good written on clothing. Especially in puff paint.

Ugly Sweater DIY - 9000 things

Just remember: When it comes to making something tacky and hideous, MORE is more.

And, we’re done! Look how gd happy we are.

Ugly Sweater DIY after - 9000 things

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