Shop Handmade, Shop Local

Hanging out at a show in Boston on a really hot day, I made this hand lettered sign to encourage everyone everywhere to support local, handmade small businesses rather than large (probably evil) corporations.

Feel free to share :)

Shop Handmade | hand lettered signage | 9000 things

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Boho Necklaces Sneak Peek

Working on some awesome new mix and match Boho beaded necklaces… They’re not ready to share quite yet, but here’s a sneak peek. Just look at those colors!

Boho Necklace Sneak Peek | colorful beads | 9000 things Boho Necklace Sneak Peek | beads in progress | 9000 things Boho Necklace Sneak Peek | pieces in progress | 9000 things Boho Necklace Sneak Peek | almost finished | 9000 things


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Boston Postcards Rough Draft

I’m working on a collection of Boston postcards from photographs that I’ve taken from around town. The inspiration comes from the instagram free-for-alls that I did a few months ago. (see those here and here and the precursor instagram hacks here and here)

Here are a few of them, still in progress:

Copley Square Boston Postcard - 9000things Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden Postcard - 9000things Charles River and Boston City Skyline Postcard - 9000things

Let me know what you think :)

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Jewelry Destash from New Hampshire

I was so excited to receive this huge bag of junk jewelry from my awesome cousin in New Hampshire. Shout out to Jess! Thanks so much!

Looking forward to digging in and making some great new stuff with all these great pieces :) And then I’ll send Jess a new necklace made from all this great stuff!

Send in your old and tired jewelry and get a new piece back for free | from 9000things

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To Vacation Or Not To Vacation

I’m so torn between getting a million things done or just ditching and going to the beach. Though going to the beach often leads to thing like this:

Vacation means something different to a compulsive designer - 9000things

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Crazy Ringgg With Phone Jack

Alexa from House of Cach has awesome style and now owns this crazy Ringgg with the phone jack still attached. House of Cach sells these crazy studded leather cuffs and a lot of other blinged out accessories at SoWa in Boston.

Ringgg with phone jack - by 9000things

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Awesome Instagram Throw Pillows

I just opened a store on Society6 with my instagram hacks!
Check out this collection of graphic throw pillows made from instagram photos edited in Ai.

Cactus Throw Pillow | 9000things Wildflower Throw Pillow | 9000things Poppies Throw Pillow | 9000things Hike Throw Pillow | 9000things


Check out my Society6 store here or click the images above.

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Necklace Rehab at 9000things

We all have those things that we hang onto forever even though we rarely if ever use them. They live in the back of our closets and in the bottom of our junk drawers. We keep them because we have “emotions” and “memories” and that prom dress from 15 years ago that is stained and will never fit again and was only relevant in the 90s has SENTIMENTAL VALUE, okay??!!

Junior Prom Dress - white polyester with glitter dots and rhinestone straps

*white polyester with glitter dots and rhinestone straps, two side slits, plus a sheer white shoulder wrap.

This especially applies to wardrobe pieces and in particular: jewelry. It might be broken, or outdated or there’s only really one thing about it that you like. But still it remains, totally neglected, tangled in a jewelry box on a dresser.

You need:

Necklace Rehab by 9000 things

This isn’t an entirely new concept: most of the things I make are from pieces of old and broken jewelry. There are blogs like A New Dress A Day and others who transform tired clothing into adorable, trendy outfits. The Stuffed Animal Hospital is indeed a thing.

Camille (a friend) had this vintage Mardi Gras necklace with beautiful glass beads. The clasp was broken, which is easily fixable, but Camille has the best taste in jewelry around and she’s always rocking something unusual and awesome. The necklace had a lot of potential, but needed a serious makeover.

Of course, I lost the before photo (like a boss). But it looked approximately like this:

Vintage Mardi Gras Beads at Necklace Rehab | 9000 things

I borrowed that photo from an ebay store that sells vintage mardi gras beads.

On the basic concept that Things Look Better When Organized, I took the beads apart and rearranged them, added some vintage chain I had hanging around, made a pendant with the larger, unique beads and made this badass, asymmetrical retake on the classic Mardi Gras necklace.

Vintage Mardi Gras Beads After Necklace Rehab | 9000 things

Hope you enjoy your new necklace, Camille!

Got a necklace that you adore, but never wear?
Jewelry need a facelift?
Get at me!

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Tribal Inspired One of a Kind Necklaces

Admittedly, outside influence has an effect on the designs of the recent one off necklaces at 9000things. The popularity of tribal designs/patterns/themes has engulfed my maker brain, and here are the results: lots of triangles, copper, beading, wood, turquoise and gold.

Double Triangle Stone and Copper Tribal Inspired Necklace | made from vintage and upcycled jewelry by 9000things
Double Triangle Stone and Copper Necklace

This first one is my absolute favorite. Those two mint green stone triangle beads came off a small bracelet and they’re the only ones I have…

Beaded Tribal Inspired Necklaces | made from vintage and upcycled jewelry by 9000things
Beaded Tribal Inspired Necklaces
Wooden Bar Tribal Inspired Necklace | made from vintage and upcycled jewelry by 9000things
Wooden Bar Necklace
Three Ornate Gold Spikes Tribal Inspired Necklace | made from vintage and upcycled jewelry by 9000things
Ornate Golden Spike Necklace

Love that random wooden bar that I found mixed in with a bunch of vintage pieces. It makes a simple and lovely minimalist necklace.

Fringe and Gold Gatsby Inspired Necklaces | made from vintage and upcycled materials by 9000things
Fringe and Gold Crossover Tribal/Gatsby Inspired Necklaces

These last gold chain and fringe necklaces are right in the middle of two styles: half tribal, half art deco. See, I just saw The Great Gatsby and I’m pretty sure I’m about to fall headlong into a 1920s Art Deco obsession.

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Jewelry Destash from Southern CA

Woo wooo! New shipment of old and broken jewelry from Los Angeles. Can’t wait to start pulling these apart and remaking them into fresh, fun pieces. There’s some good stuff in here for an Art Deco inspired line that I’m planning…

Send me your old and broken jewelry and get a new necklace back! | 9000things

Those teal beads are gorgeous! I’m thinking something like this for summer.

Yay Jenn! Thanks for thinking of me while you were Spring Cleaning! I’ll contact you to determine the terms of our trade agreement ;)

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