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“Art” by Danny

My boyfriend is a physicist/mathematician. I went to art school. We have this agreement where I am the creative one and design pretty things all day and he sits on his computer trying to do a science. (or something)

So as you can imagine, it makes me go a *little* crazy when he talks about wanting to drop out of grad school to be an artist full time. Because he thinks he’s got mad skillz.

I was more recently given some examples of his work, which I present here, on the internet, for your consideration: (titles are mine)

Danny Art - Screaming Blue Person - 9000things

Screaming Blue Person – pastel (Note; mat with signature is included for authentication purposes.)

Danny Art - Abstract Figure In Green Slime - 9000things

Abstract Figure In Green Slime – pastel (The “artist” assures me that any distortion of anatomy is intentional and adds “she’s being showered by green slime.”)

Danny Art - Medusa Raptor Tigerlily Hobo - 9000 thingsMedusa Raptor Tiger Lily Hobo – pencil on paper (My favorite by far, this is a complex scene. When asked “Is that a raptor breathing fire onto a hobo?” the artist replies “Maybe?”)


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