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Shop Handmade, Shop Local

Hanging out at a show in Boston on a really hot day, I made this hand lettered sign to encourage everyone everywhere to support local, handmade small businesses rather than large (probably evil) corporations.

Feel free to share :)

Shop Handmade | hand lettered signage | 9000 things

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Boston Postcards Rough Draft

I’m working on a collection of Boston postcards from photographs that I’ve taken from around town. The inspiration comes from the instagram free-for-alls that I did a few months ago. (see those here and here and the precursor instagram hacks here and here)

Here are a few of them, still in progress:

Copley Square Boston Postcard - 9000things Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden Postcard - 9000things Charles River and Boston City Skyline Postcard - 9000things

Let me know what you think :)

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Boston Marathon 2013

Yesterday’s events on Boylston Street are still unbelievable to me. My beautiful city is permanently and physically scarred. The trauma sustained by one of the most positive and inspirational public events in the country is devastating, and my heart goes out to every single participant and spectator of the Boston Marathon who had their day – a gorgeous early spring day in the city – utterly ruined by shock and sadness.

Heart Boston - 9000things

Photo of downtown Boston at dusk, including the two Hancock towers – old and new – taken from the Mass Ave bridge.

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