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Styling Your Home: dresser edition

Interior styling bedroom dresser - 9000things

Styling your house/apartment/condo is actually easier than you think! It all has to do with how you organize your large hoard of random crap.

This is the first in a series of tips on how to make your home look nice even though you live there and own a lot of stuff. (Are we meant to believe that the photos in Dwell represent anyone’s actual reality??)

The top of a dresser is often the first place to collapse into a black hole of tangled mess and loss. But here’s the hint:

Interior styling bedroom palette - 9000things

Pick a palette!

There’s actually a lot of stuff stored on top of this dresser but because I kept everything to a pretty strict set of main colors, it looks totally passable as orderly.

I chose the palette based on things I had – a lot of blue glass, some old bottles, cool hued watercolors and of course, silver goes with everything. (Silver is better here because of the cold colors. Gold is better for warm.)

Interior styling bedroom dresser - 9000things

Silver goblets and closed ceramic boxes make great places to store jewelry and hair elastics and buttons, etc. Note that even though there’s some red in the photo and watercolors, it works because the dresser wood leans towards red.

Okay, here’s my stuff:

Interior styling bedroom dresser - 9000things

1. handmade sea fan soldered to an old blue glass bottle
2. three watercolors of Venice (I actually did these years ago) matted and framed*
*rather than hang, you can set frames on a table like shadow boxes
3. an old blue bottle with craft pearls on twine sticking out the top
4. clear framed grungy old-looking photo
5. round white stone from Montauk – a souvenir from participating in a Spencer Tunick shoot
6. a tarnished silver platter from Good Will ($1) with clear marbles
7. a silver goblet also from Good Will ($3)
8. a blue ceramic keepsake box on a glass shell plate (probably also Good Will)
9. collection of found old bottles
10. mini replica of an ancient Cycladic Greek statue (gift from relatives in Greece)
11. architectural candle by Niho Kozuru (SO AWESOME)
12. vintage blue glass bird-shaped perfume bottle (SoWa Vintage Market)
13. more Good Will silver – this one with a mirrored bottom

I have a minor compulsion for buying silver platters from Good Will for, like, three bucks. They’re especially good for grouping and containing stuff on a surface.

These are a few of my favorite things!

Italy lilacs - 9000things Niho Kozuru architectural candles Sea fan antique bottle by deniselaff

Cycladic Replica Pearl spray in ivory Spencer Tunick Montauk shoot

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Formica Floor: Upcycle Project

I’m not a huge fan of the word “upcycle,” but I recognize it as a necessary part of my life. This is an ultimate upcycle project.

Formica floor upcycle project - 9000things

Interior design businesses get Formica sample chips by the truckload, and once their board gets low, they get an entire board replacement. That means SO many Formica samples being thrown away constantly. This makes my eye twitch.

Material list:

roughly 2,500 rectangular formica samples (1.5 x 2.5 inches each)
tile grout
flooring trowel (with teeth!)
acrylic lacquer (topcoat sealant)

This was a pretty simple project! We stuck the samples straight onto our subfloor using regular tile grout from Home Depot. We started in the far corner and by keeping everything tight together, it stayed really straight.

Formica floor upcycle project - 9000things

Oh wow my outfit. We were installing the floor on a lofted bedroom of our studio. Check out those sexy power drills ;O

Formica floor upcycle project - 9000things

We started by grouping five or six sample colors together and arranging them into a roughly 12×12 square- a lot like organizing a quilt.

Then we took one group, spread our tile grout down over a 12×12 ish area and placed the tiles without any gaps between them. Over, and over, and over, and over…

Formica floor upcycle project - 9000things

…Until we had an entire patchwork floor. I like how it looks a little like pixels.

We let the floor dry for a couple of days before topcoating. We used a clear acrylic lacquer-like finish and did at least two coats. Another 2 days letting it dry and we were ready to move into our bedroom!

Formica floor upcycle project - 9000things

This is an old project, but still one of the most ambitious I’ve attempted. Would love to see other uses for Formica tiles!

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