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Party Ideas: This Is Your Life Name Tags

Last weekend we threw a huge surprise party for my mother, who turned a large round number. (Guess who was in charge of decorations?) Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the awesome things that we came up with for decor and DIYs!

The variety of people who RSVP’d to this party made me think of that old game show “This Is Your Life.” So, one of the things that we had the guests do was to fill out name tags, not with their names, but with their relationship to my mother. The results were hilarious and much more informative than “Hi My Name Is Dave.”

Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - 2nd Favorite - 9000things“2nd Favorite Daughter” (written by the 1st favorite daughter)

I met my mother’s first boss from when she was 15 working at the rec center in her town. I met one of her basketball team mates from high school, and the person who brought her to her first XXX rated movie (I’m told that the rating system was stricter back then).

Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - Our House - 9000things Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - Inspiration - 9000things
“Sherry lives in our house” and “Inspiration for Ali & Leah [her daughters]

I definitely recommend it as a conversation starter if you want people to mingle!

Top to bottom, left to right: “Biggest Fan” … “Racquetball Buddy” and “Work Husband!” … two “Turkey Buddies” … “2nd Favorite Babysitter” and “Favorite Babysitter” … “Grumpy Old Friend” … “Not Quite Oldest Friend” and “One of the Boys Next Door” … “Favorite Pseudo Son-in-law” … “Old Friend” and “Neighbor” … “Sistah from the Same Mistah”

The party people had a lot of fun with it! And kudos to my father who spent weeks and weeks on the phone getting in touch with people from my mom’s past!

Party Ideas - Relationship Name Tags - Spousal Unit - 9000things
“Sherry is my graphics guru” and “Spousal Unit”

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